Multi-Disciplinary Resources K-12:

  A to Z Teacher Stuff Focuses on thematic instruction and includes many resources from lesson plans to professional articles!
  The Awesome Library Another 'must see' site that organizes exploration of the World Wide Web with 12,000 resources!
  Blue Web'n Learning Sites Library Lots of lesson plans and sign up for the free weekly e-mail update!
  Busy Teacher's Web Site Features new Interactive Web Projects, in addition to resources in all content areas including HS Guidance!
  College Dazed? Admissions Amazed? A new site I prepared for my students, but useful to all planning for college and to those who help students plan for college. It includes resources in the following categories: Choosing a College; Applying to College; Writing for College; Paying for College!
* New!
  Connections+ (MCREL) Comprehensive: includes Civics, Economics, and Multi/Inter-disciplinary resources!
  Discovery Channel Everything you would like to know about Discovery Channel's programs and guides for educators. A virtual smorgasbord of resource links for teachers.
  Educational CyberPlayGround Karen Ellis' site is comprehensive and definitely user-friendly! This site has been recognized by and USA Today for its design, ease of use, and resources for teachers.
  Education Homepage Helpful site, easily navigated, offering information and resources related to general teaching concerns and more specific professional development needs.
  Encarta/Microsoft Lesson Plans One of the best and most comprehensive sources of lesson ideas on the Internet--easy to navigate, too!
  GeoTeacher: Links for All Teachers In addition to an impressive list of links, this site also has pages specifically focused on teaching geography, creating web pages, and other helpful information.
  High School Ace This is a great study-help site to share with your students!
  Internet4Classrooms This site provides so many resources -- free to anyone for use in classroom instruction!
  iteachnet: International Educators' Network Int'l Ed. Forum, Language Teaching strategies, Houseswap bulletins, workshops, Science in Ed (esp. The Migration Project), to name a few aspects of this site.
  Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators This site is easily navigated and offers links in all subject areas and grade levels. A special feature is the web site evaluation tool!
  The LA Urban Education Partnership This site is one of several excellent sites provided by Los Angeles teachers--take time to visit and plan to stay awhile!
* New!
  Learning About Leonardo A web based project developed by computer graphics students at John F. Kennedy High School in the Bronx. Teachers at Kennedy High School have contributed online curricula resources for our Study Helper for English, Social Studies, Math, Special Education. Health and Business Education. Definitely visit and bookmark this site!
  The Library in the Sky Provides resources for students, teachers, librarians, and parents!
  Links 2 Learning 4 Educators (L2L4ED) Mr. K has created a site with over 5,000 links for K-8 teachers and parents -- yes, you read it correctly -- 5,000! The links are well-organized and the site is definitely bookmark material.
  Prince George Community College Reasoning Across the Curriculum Program The site includes articles, workshop handouts, lists of books on teaching thinking, links to other web sites on teaching thinking.
  The New York Times Learning Network One page of many that the New York Times provides for teachers; includes resources and teaching ideas.
  PBS Teachers Resources Includes online teacher's guides, along with the programming schedule, and an update newsletter.
  Resource Central - Education I thought I'd found all the big, really big resource sites and then this one surfaced! It's definitely an E-ticket (ah, and now I've revealed my age!).
  Resources for Christian Educators - Teacher Help The purpose of this web page is to provide links to: Educational resources, Christian web sites, Reference sites, and Other ministry resources (puppets, skits, etc.).
  Resources for Professional Development "Our conferences bring leading experts and professional educators together to explore new ideas, programs, and practices tailored to today's challenging environment."
  School House Door A multi-roomed "schoolhouse" with resources for all aspects of teaching.
  School Zone Among its pages for parents and teachers are excellent special education pages!
  Secondary School Educators Features online lesson plans, new timely ideas weekly, and a free e-mail newsletter to update you on changes.
  Sites For Teachers Visit top-rated teacher Web sites rated by teacher usage. Lots of links, updated regularly -- you'll find sources for clipart, lessons, worksheets, and more.
  Smithsonian Education The Smithsonian Institution features teaching guides, posters, resource lists, and more!
  The Surfaquarium - Innovative Teaching This is the 'yellow pages' of the web--if the resource, idea, article, lesson, organization, etc. isn't listed here, it may not exist!
  Teachers Helping Teachers A tried & true, fantastic resource, always changing, and just a friendly place to visit!
  Teachnet.Com You'll find lesson ideas, resource links, and interesting information at this site.
  Tenny's Education Page Wow, an annotated list of links that goes on and on--an excellent resource site for teachers.
  Voice of the Shuttle One of the most comprehensive humanities sites on the web.
  WWW.2LEARN.CA Features on this site include Collaborative Learning Projects, Professional Growth and Mentorship, Curricular Resource Links, Research Skills and Strategies, and Communication Technologies.

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   The most valuable reward in teaching
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