There are so many times in each day that I become discouraged in the parenting of our son. It is easy to understand what a friend wrote about getting motherhood annulled. I feel I came to this place with no training or knowledge and have been an imperfect parent with my children who have no additional handicaps. But with my son, who has what I would consider severe ADHD, I have no consistent tools or skills at all. He inflames our anger regularly. The last 2 weeks have been a roller coaster of challenges.

It is all an old story of impulsive and compulsive behavior but it feels like our family has hit a real low point. My husband has hardened his heart to our son at this point and sees no hope for his future. He is at the opposite end of the spectrum from this son and shares nothing with him except anger at his behavior. I fear that he feels hatred towards our son because of the chaos our life always is as we scramble to keep up with his behavior. ADHD becomes a disease the whole family lives daily. It affects every child in our family, our marriage, our friendships and our extended family as well.

It seems that there is so little change or learning in this boy that it becomes easy to want to give up and stop trying to look for the strengths in his character. It even becomes hard to remember that this boy too is a child of God and was given to us to love unconditionally. Maybe we have to keep learning and maturing in our own spirituality before we can deal with this boy in the most loving way that Jesus would.

It is good to be in communications with others who will understand the stress and reality of this share and even rejoice that there are others here who also walk this path with their children and with Christ.

In our Lord's love always.

attention disorders

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attention disorders

   The most valuable reward in teaching
is hearing a student say,
"Thank you for understanding me."

attention disorders



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