A Child's Plea.....

A young boy wrote this letter and bravely presented it to the school board of his school...Cory speaks to all educators and for all of our misunderstood kids...thank you, Cory.

"My name is Cory. I am in the sixth grade. My home school is Bondy Intermediate and I have ADD. I am having a hard time now. It wasn't so bad when I was younger, but now it's bad because I am at High Point for being disruptive in my classes at Bondy.

When I tried to fit in and work like my classmates I couldn't. I wanted to, but I didn't understand sometimes. And other times I was so bored I would act up to get attention.

At High Point, (Alternative Disp. School) my teacher, Mrs. Wilson, she helps me. If I don't understand she helps me until I do. And if I get bored she thinks of interesting things for us to do. My grades at Bondy were bad, but at High Point they are a lot better. That makes me proud.

My mom and my teacher say that I probably won't pass to the seventh grade because my grades were so bad at Bondy. That even though I have worked very hard to bring up my grades it probably won't be enough to pass the whole year. I don't want to fail.

My time at High Point is almost up and my teacher and Asst. Principal say I have done real good. I like them there because I think they care about me. They don't want me to fail. They have worked very hard with me, but I don't like having to go to school with kids that do drugs all the time. So I don't really fit in there either.

My mom and dad say I have a disability. That is why it is so hard for me sometimes. I just want to learn. I would like to go to college some day to be a police officer. I don't want to have ADD, but I do. My mom and dad say we have to learn to work with it.

Will you please help me get an education so I have a chance at a good life.


Written by Cory/All rights reserved.

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   The most valuable reward in teaching
is hearing a student say,
"Thank you for understanding me."

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