List of Schools and Camps Focused on the Special Needs of Misunderstood Kids:

* Peterson's Special Schools page provides information about how to choose the best school for your child--very helpful for parents of children with special needs.



Before looking at individual camps, I would suggest reading this article from the Schwab Learning Organization: Connecting With Others: Summer Camps for Kids

    * Partners in Adventure Camp-- "Celebrating diverse abilities". Partners In Adventure camp is working with local organizations to group young people ages 12-21 who have disabilities with their non-disabled peers for a summer camp experience.

    * Vail Valley Learning Camp--The Learning Camp recognizes that each child comes with a unique set of challenges. Their focus is working with children with ADHD and learning disabilities, as well as various other learning challenges.

    * Camp CAMP-- A unique and nationally recognized summer camp for children with special needs and their siblings and other interested children. .
      P.O. Box 27086
      San Antonio, Texas 78227
      (210) 671-2598
      Fax: (210) 671-3290

    * Round Lake Camp-- Round Lake Camp , located in Pennsylvania's Northeast Pocono Mountains, offers children with Attention Deficit Disorder and/or mild learning disabilities specially designed recreation that is paired with directed social guidance to provide campers attainable success. .
      e-mail Eugene Bell
      Camp Director
      Winter: (973) 575-3333 x122
      Summer: (717) 798-2551

    * Camp Winston--Supporting individuals with neurological disorders, including Tourette Syndrome, through Summer Residential Recreational Programmes, Behaviour Management Workshops and Weekend Retreats.
      e-mail Camp Winston
      Toronto Office:
        Tel: (905) 707-3427
        Fax: (905) 707-6436
      Muskoka Office:
        Tel: (705) 689-9096
        Fax: (705) 689-9860

    * Camp Northwood--Camp Northwood is oriented toward children with low self-esteems, learning challenges and attention deficit disorders in need of a structured supportive summer environment.
      e-mail Camp Northwood
      Winter Address:
        15 Seabrook Lane
        Stony Brook, NY 11790-3323
        Tel: (516)246-8130
        Fax: (516)246-5651

      Summer Address:
        RD 1
        Remsen, NY 13438
        Tel: (315)831-3621
        Fax: (315)831-5867

    * Camp Nuhop--A safe place for boys and girls with learning disabilities,behavior disorders and/or attention deficit disorders.
      e-mail Camp Nuhop
      404 Hillcrest Drive
      Ashland, OH 44805
      Office Phone and Fax: (419) 289-2227

    Additional Camp Information Links:

      * --Includes links to camps for kids with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, and physical disabilities.

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