A Mom Shares Her Acceptance of the Diagnosis

Andrew is a sweet, lovable, impulsive little boy who has been totally me (his mom) as well as everyone else around him. Although some teachers were trying to tell me that Andrew could possibly have ADHD, I didn't believe...or rather didn't want to believe them. I was ignorant...when I heard the term ADHD, I was expecting obnoxious, off-the-wall behavior coupled with difficulties making friends and lots of physical activity. Well, Andrew has many good friends, doesn't run a matter of fact, I thought of him as rather lazy.

As Andrew finished up the 4th grade, I realized something was terribly wrong...he was totally disorganized, couldn't understand directions at all, could not learn from his mistakes, had no foresight or hindsight...but rather impulsively lived for the moment. As I quizzed his teacher, she complained that he whistled all day in school, never finished a paper, and complained that his seat was too hard and that was why he fidgeted all day.

I decided to start the process of evaluation...what an education! As I spoke with his neuropsychologist and did some research, the information was "jumping" out at could I have been so ignorant to the signs..they were all there and in place! We have just begun Adderall this week. His teacher, who is so willing to learn more about ADHD, sees a marked improvement...Andrew even rose one morning to tell me "this is going to be a great day"...Andrew has never felt that way about school. I am sure we have just started to find our way, but I feel a sense of relief that now I know why he is the way he is and I will employ a different approach to help him find his way in this world.

attention disorders

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attention disorders

   The most valuable reward in teaching
is hearing a student say,
"Thank you for understanding me."

attention disorders



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