50 (or so) Great Things About Having ADD!
excerpt from the poster written by Bob Seay.

Entertain your friends with witty one-liners and sharp come backs. ; Insomnia makes for more time to stay up and surf the net! ; The drive of Hyper-focus ; Sparkling personality; Drop names like Edison, Einstein, Walt Disney and Beethoven in conversations ; Can see all of your wordly possessions at one time.. because they are all over the floor ; ENTHUSIASTIC; innovative; A strong sense of what isFAIR ; Willing to take a Risk; Alert ; Eager ; creative ; provides original ideas ; or isn't afraid to steal them. ; Make far reaching analogies that no one else understands. Write them off as "Deep Thoughts" ; Theoretical ; Abstract Thinkers; Spontaneous ; Always Hopeful ; Keeps meetings lively; The Mind of a Pentium - with only 2Mgs of RAM ; Aesthetically oriented ; Pleasantly and constantly surprised by finding clothing you had forgotten about. ; Able to tie seemingly unrelated ideas together; Funny; Able to see The Big Picture while others stumble around in the dark.; Independent ; Demands to know WHY?; Last of the ROMANTICS ; Has a wide variety of interests ; Good conversationalist; Qualify for bulk rate mail on tax returns because you have at least 24 W-2's attached.; At IQs of 160 and above, virtually all people have ADD symptoms; An innately better understanding of intuitive technologies such as computers ; In class popularity contests, always voted "Most Entertaining"; "Most Energetic"; Great Improvisors; Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound (did you actually read that?) ; Honestly believes that anything is possible ; Great at Extemporaneous Speaking ; Quickly assimilates new information; Usually a little smarter than the average bear ; Willing to "step out in faith" ; Rarely satisfied with the status quo ; Empathetic; Can easily replace missing childhood photos with panels from "Calvin & Hobbes" ; Pleasantly and constantly surprised by finding money you had forgotten about.; Blows up, but then usually recovers quickly ; An unstoppable dynamo of human energy; Doesn't know when to quit; Intuitive ; Compassionate ; Persistant ; Spunky; Hidden TALENT; Closely attuned to the moods of those around them ; ADD is especially common among artists, musicians, and other creative people ; Can always be depended upon to provide a different perspective ; Visionary; An Individualist; Many successful entrepreneurs exhibit ADD behaviors; Provides job security for writers of Spell Check programs ; Will fight for what they believe in ; Excellent motivators of others; Highly organized, punctual and generally responsible (OK, so I lied);

got your attention?

attention disorders

   The most valuable reward in teaching
is hearing a student say,
"Thank you for understanding me."

attention disorders



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