ADHD / Special Needs /
Attention Deficit Disorder and
Related Learning Style Differences.....
Resources for Parenting and Teaching
Misunderstood Kids Who Thrive
"Outside the Box!"

ADHD / Special Needs

Outside the Box! Special Needs Teaching Resources

ADD in the Classroom

Here Is A Place For Parents and Teachers
Who Recognize the Special Needs of Misunderstood Kids
Who Have ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
and Related Learning Disabilities,

Kids Who Are Gifted but Who Struggle.....

Kids Who Don't Exactly Fit Inside
the Box of the Classroom

I hope all who visit
find help and encouragement
Outside the Box.

Recognize Teachers

   The most valuable reward in teaching
is hearing a student say,
"Thank you for understanding me."

attention disorders

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Understanding adhd




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"Outside the Box!"

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Understanding adhd

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